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I’m a Career Advisor in the Smith Career Center at Bradley University. In my spare time I like to play with technology, including building websites, tracking down bugs in Ubuntu, and playing more video games than a grown man should. I live in Peoria, Illinois with my two servers and about a dozen other devices.

We were just discussing these frustrations in our staff meeting last week. Hopefully we have this

Binge-watching Veep on Amazon Video. Only on episode 5, and I already can't feel my face.

Do you think $150 is a fair price for a used Proliant dl360 g5?

Ubuntu Online Summit Intro and Mark Shuttleworth's Opening Keynote - | The Summit Scheduler

Finally getting around to upgrading to Ubuntu 15.10 on my everyday laptop.... I'm a little behind this fall.

Good luck to everyone starting - I'm not able to join this time, but I'll be thinking of all of you this month!

Can't wait for the extra hour of sleep tonight!

Starting with Known on my own domain